Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

So, today is Valentine's Day....the day that you are supposed to be feeling the love and enjoying being with someone you love. There is one thing I have figured out about this day and that is the best way to feel really really really lonely. All you have to do is get married then be apart from your spouse on this day. I thought I would feel okay about it seeing how I just saw my husband last week but I feel horrible. I don't think I have hated Valentine's Day as much as I do today. It is a really stupid holiday. It is supposed to make those who are in love feel even more in love but personally it is just making me feel like crap. I suppose I must learn to deal with being lonely because if my husband chooses to stay in the military then we have many deployments in our future. I thought I was strong enough to get through this first one but now I am not so sure. It is only 11 am and my husband does still have a chance to make up for the fact that I feel forgotten but it doesn't really matter. He is about to go to bed and he is 10 hours ahead of us so in reality he already forgot about it which is fine... I can't possibly expect a man to remember Valentine's Day. Maybe, I can just cross it off every calendar I ever buy so he doesn't ever have to remember and maybe eventually I will start to that possible?

So instead of getting upset like I normally would I am just going to forget about this stupid day and do some homework and maybe clean a few fish tanks (great day huh?)